Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Beginning

Do you have a toxic person in your life? You know the type, to everyone else they are super nice, they'll do anything for anyone. A real salt of the earth type.
The reality is somewhat different. Sly little digs when no one is around/listening that chip away at your confidence, Chip, chip, chip.
As you can tell I have. It's funny how one person can do that to you, how the nasty little comments manage to ruin and suck the joy out of things you enjoy.

I used to run a mildly successful crochet blog. (It's still going actually)
It used to be my happy place. My mind was full of ideas, and I couldn't wait to post and show what I had made, or what I was going to make next. I spent hours writing patterns and taking photos so that like minded folks could make pretty things too.
I was even in a magazine! I was so proud!

Then came my toxic person.This person found out about my blog, and although they couldn't post anything I knew that they were there judging. Said person would use my blogs Facebook page to post personal things VERY personal things. I didn't have the freedom to be myself.
I stopped posting, I stopped making, my creativity was gone. It took a year.
Chip, chip, chip.

A few weeks ago something changed, A shift it my thinking perhaps?
I CAN START AGAIN!! And so phobicmango was born. The toxic person will NEVER know about this blog!
P.S. Sorry about the rant, but I needed to get that off my chest!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Welcome to my blog!

Well hello there, thank you for taking the time to pop by.
My name is Mango and I live just outside a small village in the south of England.
I live with my husband, nearly grown up son and our dog Willow.
My life is pretty chaotic. Time is divided between family, running our business and working part time on a campsite.
I still manage to make time for colour!
Hello beautiful baby girl! 

I taught myself to crochet using Youtube and manky yellow wool. I'm now starting to learn to knit.
My posts will be a mix of crochet, knitting, and anything I think is pretty!

Like these.

And these ends!

 I have some issues with anxiety, that can sometimes be crippling. I'm hoping that blogging may provide an outlet or maybe become a form of therapy.
I hope you will join me on my journey.